Meeting Log - 2009-08-06

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Thu Aug 6 21:08:39 UTC 2009

20:01  * skvidal is here
20:01  * nirik nods. 
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20:01 < smooge> #startmeeting Fedora Infrastructure
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20:01  * ricky 
20:02 < onekopaka> hey.
20:02  * thekad just is
20:02 < smooge> #topic rollcall
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20:02 < onekopaka> no.
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20:02  * onekopaka 
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20:02 < smooge> hi guys
20:02  * ricky (again)
20:02 < smooge> sorry.. I got / and # mixed up
20:02 < onekopaka> stickster: are you going to join us?
20:02 < smooge> so I was trying to figure out why /startmeeting wasn't doing anything
20:02  * iarlyy ( learner )
20:02 < abadger1999> here
20:03 < smooge> hello everyone and thankyou for arriving before I did :)
20:03  * nirik is here in the back
20:03 < abadger1999> Anything for you smooge ;-)
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20:04  * sijis is here.
20:04 < dgilmore> smooge: the bill is in the mail
20:04 < skvidal> abadger1999: quit being nice to smooge. He'll get used to it and expect things to be that way
20:04 < smooge> .tiny
20:04 < zodbot> smooge:
20:05 < smooge> #topic Important Tickets
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20:05 < onekopaka> #link
20:05 < abadger1999> skvidal: Sorry.  I'll call him out for a duel later.
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20:05 < smooge> We currently have one one important one and one that I will have in an hour or so
20:05 < LinuxCode> that the AGPL issue ?
20:05 < smooge> abadger1999, the important ticket is the one for you
20:06 < LinuxCode> no, nvm
20:06 < skvidal> abadger1999: you don't have to go quite that far - some casual passive-aggressive abuse is all that's really necessary :)
20:06 < smooge> #topic tickets 1503
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20:06 < abadger1999> I've updated the implementation proposal:
20:06 < abadger1999>
20:07 < abadger1999> It now has a rough plan for dealing with staging and publictest envs.
20:07 < abadger1999> ricky: Does that look doable to you?
20:07 < abadger1999> It's basically mod_auth_pgsql on the proxies for staging; mod_auth_pam individually for each publictest.
20:07  * ricky is reading though it now
20:08 < ricky> I'm not crazy about mod_auth_pam
20:08 < ricky> publictest servers are generally designed to be public so that everybody can see the progress
20:09 < ricky> For example, with the docs team and zikula - most interested people aren't in sysadmin-test
20:09 < abadger1999> <nod>
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20:09 < abadger1999> ricky: for that matter, staging is designed to be open for people to test.
20:10 < abadger1999> The thing is... we have to have some limit if we deal in AGPL.
20:10 < ricky> If this will be a burden we will have for *only* AGPLv3 apps, then it's their loss for whoever is testing the AGPL code
20:10 < thekad> maybe limiting to cla_done ?
20:10 < ricky> But it would be really bad if this had to affect everything on those machines.
20:10 < f13> wait a tic
20:10 < abadger1999> It will have to affect everyone on staging.
20:11 < LinuxCode> thekad, that would allow everyone access
20:11  * f13 just had a wonderful idea.
20:11 < abadger1999> well actually...
20:11 < thekad> LinuxCode, everyone in fp.o
20:11 < f13> does the AGPL allow for you to just put in a link that says "please contact <foo> if you would like a copy of the source" ?
20:11 < abadger1999> No I think we could do per-machine in publictest and per-app in staging.
20:11 < LinuxCode> thekad, exactly, that is not desirable
20:11 < abadger1999> f13: No.
20:11 < f13> and if so, we could just use that, and...
20:11 < f13> damn.
20:11 < LinuxCode> f13, from what I gathered no
20:11  * abadger1999 finds the license to be sure he's correct on that.
20:11 < f13> ok, crawling back into my hole.
20:11 < LinuxCode> It has be out there, i.e. a link
20:11 < ricky> If anything, I'd rather do the "always keep the copy of source in staging/testing publicly avaliable" thing for only AGPL apps than go with the annoying password stuff
20:12 < smooge> ricky, what if we added a new layer? privatetest servers?
20:12 < abadger1999> f13: I was told that that was one of hte differences between GPL and AGPL.
20:12 < abadger1999> I'd rather not keep the source... especially in publictest.
20:13 < ricky> My goal is to keep the burden of AGPL compliance on the author of the apps completely.
20:13 < LinuxCode> abadger1999, and that is where the infra people collided with legal
20:13 < ricky> And not inconvenience their testers, other people on the machines, etc.
20:13 < abadger1999> Because publictest is essentially a development box that may have more resources or a public IP compared to someone's personal machine
20:13 < LinuxCode> ricky, yes, but then we get the patch issue
20:13 < smooge> the only other item we could ask for is an worded exception from Legal for our apps where if they are on XYZ system we do not have to share the bits because they are not 'stable'
20:13 < LinuxCode> patches we use, have to be out there too
20:14 < LinuxCode> smooge, hmmm
20:14 < ricky> Yes, and the people that chose that license should deal with it.
20:14 < LinuxCode> I dont think that will go down too well
20:14 < LinuxCode> smooge, spot would have to ask
20:14 < ricky> If they're doing a test deploy straight out of a git repo, that could be fine for them
20:14 < abadger1999> ricky: Are they liable or are we?
20:14 < LinuxCode> ricky, if the code is accessible, yes
20:14 < ricky> But I'd rather keep the burden off of testers/users/other people that didn't choose AGPL :-)
20:15 < LinuxCode> if we patch, and dont make that patch public, we are the non-compliant party
20:15 < abadger1999> ricky: So... is we have two diffrent types of publictest we can have one steup for AGPL apps and one setup for nonAGPL.
20:15 < abadger1999> ricky: in puppet.
20:16 < ricky> As much as I hate the idea of us bending over backwards for just the AGPL apps, sure, that could work
20:16 < sijis> question is... what about a proposed patched that is being tested? does that need to be public?
20:16 < LinuxCode> sijis, technically from what I gathered, yes
20:16 < ricky> That seems like something that isn't all that painful from the "everybody else" standpoint, at least.
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20:16 < ricky> Unfortunately the same doesn't really apply to staging
20:16 < abadger1999> ricky: And in staging we could put do per <Location> in the config.
20:16 < smooge> abadger1999, to go over who is liable in such cases it is usually covered via an SLA or OLA where we say we host items for a "group" and that group has to maintain licenses etc.. if we find they are not we have the right to remove such code/etc.
20:16 < ricky> Staging tends to be deployed using RPMs though for what that's worth
20:17 < ricky> But if anything, this still impacts the non-sysadmin-test people who are testing the app
20:17 < abadger1999> sijis: yes.
20:17 < ricky> And I'd really hate to burden testers more.
20:17 < ricky> (With having to apply/request an account)
20:18 < smooge> hey its fedora.. if you don't sign the CLA do we care about  you :P
20:18 < LinuxCode> ricky, the problem is also that they will have to send the code to two places
20:18 < abadger1999> So we can proceed two ways from here -- A) Come up with something better.  B) decide we aren't going to relicense to AGPL (And pressure fedora community to move away from it)
20:18 < LinuxCode> one for hosting, to comply with availability requirements, second is for testing itself
20:18 < abadger1999> or just not let fedora community onto staging/publictest I suppose.
20:18 < ricky> My suggestion for A) is basically nirik's comment about
20:18 < abadger1999> production we have a good plan for, I think
20:18 < ricky> Make the footer configurable, keep a tarball on ahnd
20:18 < ricky> **hand
20:19 < ricky> And retar/copy to a special directory on the publictest that's linked from the footer every time you make a change
20:19 < ricky> It might be something you do every time you restart apache to reload the changes
20:19 < LinuxCode> abadger1999, I believe many people are adamont about agpl use, as they want to require other user, of for instance Fedora community, to make their code available
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20:20 < ricky> Do that for the AGPL apps in staging/production (which are hopefully setup in a way so that the configuration is in a separate location)
20:20 < LinuxCode> so it doesnt end up being a one-sided development
20:20 < abadger1999> LinuxCode: that's fine... but it may mean we just can't offer the same support for developing Fedora Community than other apps.
20:20 < LinuxCode> abadger1999, I see both arguments here
20:20 < LinuxCode> it is not me who you have to convince hehe
20:20 < ricky> So that way, the AGPL people get their AGPL, and they're responsible for keeping compliance (which doesn't seem all that painful for them to maintain on a single publictest/staging machine)
20:21 < LinuxCode> ricky, wasnt the config going to be under a different license
20:21 < LinuxCode> ?
20:21 < LinuxCode> I thought that was agreed
20:21 < ricky> Instead of us having to lock people out of public things
20:21 < abadger1999> ricky: So... I think we're going to run into some problems with that.
20:21 < abadger1999> ricky: But I'd need to look at the AGPL again.... in GPLv2 there were things like "Prefered form of modification"
20:22 < abadger1999> when defining source.
20:22 < ricky> What kinds of problems would we run into?
20:22 < abadger1999> I don't think that tarball of currently running code necessarily fits that.
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20:22 < ricky> Ah.  We'll need to find out exactly what that phrase means then.
20:23 < ricky> Do you happen to be familiar with what some of the requirements for that are?
20:23 < abadger1999> The script would also need to either be pretty generic or pretty specific -- as it would have to get every piece of source needed to run the service.
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20:23 < abadger1999> which would be spread out to different parts of the filesystem.
20:23 < ricky> Like nirik mentioned, that's what apparently does :-)
20:23  * nirik nods. 
20:23 < abadger1999> ricky: gotta look up what AGPLv3 says... I'm only familiar with some of the arguments surrounding GPLv2.
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20:23 < LinuxCode> ricky, just to clarify, if a test system is available online, but meant not for public use, you are still liable to the AGPL requirements.
20:24  * abadger1999 notes 20 minutes.
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20:24 < ricky> Yes, just because it's available
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20:24 < ricky> grepping for preferred, the only thing I see is:
20:24 < ricky> The "source code" for a work means the preferred form of the work for making modifications to it. "Object code" means any non-source form of a work.
20:24 < LinuxCode> there was still discussion on that point though
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20:25 < abadger1999> ricky: yeah - so the wording is in there.  We'd have to run it by legal to tell us what "preferred form of the work for making modifications" allows us to do.
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20:26 < abadger1999> ricky: (heh... and it will fail if someone writes some java code or uses google web toolkit to generate javascript) :-(
20:26 < ricky> Well, they wouldn't be live patching the generated javascript in staging, would they?
20:26 < abadger1999> or C python modules for speedups.
20:27 < abadger1999> we use stawging in different manners which is part of hte problem.
20:27 < ricky> How about: Is SCM + tag + directory containing changed files sufficient?
20:27 < smooge> ok I would like to close this up in 5.
20:27 < LinuxCode> agpl is a bitch
20:27 < smooge> this being this topic
20:27 < LinuxCode> lol
20:28 < ricky> Anyway, my main point is that I want to put the burden on the developers, not the other users of the machine or the people testing the app.  Especially since we only have one AGPL app at the moment.
20:28 < abadger1999> So yeah, I can see live patching generated javascript in staging if I wanted to test whether a simple change would fix something.
20:28 < abadger1999> ricky: The proposal is to relicense all of our web apps.
20:29 < LinuxCode> ricky, yeh makes sense
20:29  * ricky isn't crazy about the idea given the above list of painful things :-)
20:29 < LinuxCode> ricky, tbh I dont even think the AGPL affects "normal users"
20:29 < abadger1999> ricky: Right.  So we have two action items: 1) How can we make this less painful.
20:30 < ricky> 2) Based on answers to 1), decide if we should do it?
20:30 < LinuxCode> somebody will have to run this by legal and ask if it is possible to make a disclaimer, making the devs liable
20:30 < abadger1999> 2) If we can't make this less painful, we'll have to decide at some point if the pain is worth it or if we should choose a different license.
20:30 < LinuxCode> and if the agpl would accept that disclaimer
20:30 < abadger1999> ricky: Yep.  Like GPLv2+ for instance.
20:31 < smooge> abadger1999, if the javascript is LGPL2+ and the app is AGPL. Do we share the patches for the LGPL2+ stuff immediately?
20:31 < ricky> OK, that's all I have to say on that pending answers/suggestions to the "how can we distribute the source on staging/publictest without locking them down" question
20:31 < abadger1999> smooge: According to spot, things the app uses are not subject to the AGPL.
20:31 < abadger1999> smooge: Only the app itself.
20:31 < LinuxCode> even the configs arent part of Section 13 of the AGPL
20:31 < smooge> so I would say that if its going to be up to the developer to deal with it
20:32 < abadger1999> smooge: I'm not clear on how it would affect a library that was licensed under the AGPL.
20:32 < ricky> It gets even more painful when we have to deal with 3rd party AGPL apps
20:32 < ricky> 3rd party apps that may not make the footer configurable or give us an easy way to make local patches
20:32 < smooge> and we would want to make our stuff set up as LGPL2+ where its going to be included ins something else
20:32 < LinuxCode> ricky, good point
20:33 < abadger1999> ricky: yep -- we'd immediately have to patch teh third party app to link to the source we use and put the patch into a hotfix ticket/the rpm.
20:33 < ricky> As we've seen here, there are ways to make things incredibly painful :-)
20:33 < LinuxCode> hehe
20:33 < ricky> Like if the patch to the footer is a patch to a generated file.
20:34 < abadger1999> smooge: <nod> -- In the Infra Licensing Guide, I say we're going to default to using LGPLv2+ for libraries, python modules, etc.
20:34 < LinuxCode> the AGPL is generally a good idea in terms of freedom of software and dev of that software
20:34 < ricky> A simple (or even critical security fix for example) could become a nightmare to do properly.
20:34 < LinuxCode> but for people running or deving its a bit of a pain
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20:34 < abadger1999> ricky: <nod>  And then we might say, we are not going to run this app unless upstream applies the fix.
20:34 < dgilmore> ricky: yes and no
20:34 < ricky> And we've had to do those kinds of changes with FAS before.
20:34 < dgilmore> ricky: you just need to make the source available when you deploy the fix
20:35 < smooge> ok how much longer do people want to go over this?
20:35 < LinuxCode> ricky, the patch issue, could be deemed configuration, maybe something to ask legal for advice about...
20:35 < abadger1999> Err... fix == allow the footer to be configurable.
20:35 < dgilmore> smooge: lets move on
20:35 < abadger1999> smooge: I'm ready to move on.
20:35 < ricky> dgilmore: abadger1999 brought up some example with generated javascript, for example, where that becomes a mess
20:35  * ricky is ready to move on as well
20:35 < LinuxCode> +1
20:35 < smooge> #topic #1588
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20:35 < LinuxCode> could discuss this a whole week
20:36 < smooge> Ok next thursday we will be doing a reboot of a lot of the infrastructure systems
20:37 < smooge> most of the boxes have not rebooted or rebooted to the correct kernel for 2+ errata so its time to get er done
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20:38 < smooge> do people have any comments on this? Buildsystem is the only one that I do not think will be affected
20:38 < LinuxCode> about time...
20:38 < abadger1999> smooge: Do you need help?
20:38 < LinuxCode> ;-p
20:39 < smooge> yes
20:39 < smooge> abadger1999, yes I do
20:39 < smooge> that is
20:39 < ricky> We'll need to make sure grub.conf is pointing at the right kernel first
20:39 < ricky> That may have been something we've overlooked before.
20:39 < abadger1999> Okay.
20:40 < ricky> I noticed that on a bunch of machines, it was not pointing to the newest kernel installed for some reason
20:40 < dgilmore> ricky: might have been a reason for it
20:40 < LinuxCode> smooge, have we ever tried to deploy infra using live kernel patching ?
20:40 < ricky> Then we'll want to find out what that was :-)
20:41  * abadger1999 fills in calendar: Thurs is for junior assistant sys admin work :-)
20:41 < ricky> xen15 is an example of one
20:41 < smooge> LinuxCode, no. If RHEL does not ship it we dont use it in production (for the most part)
20:41 < LinuxCode> smooge, makes sense
20:41 < ricky> Er, xen13
20:42 < smooge> I would like to have all bugs found where we need to stay with an older kernel to be filed.
20:42 < smooge> where is the best place for that? trac wiki? trac tickets? email?
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20:43 < thekad> smooge, if that's gonna change in the future, tickets, if not, wiki
20:43 < abadger1999> trac ticket with a keyword.
20:44 < smooge> ok cool.
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20:44 < smooge> keyword: Omega Armageddon
20:44 < LinuxCode> lol
20:44 -!- sdziallas [n=sebastia at] has quit "Ex-Chat"
20:44 < abadger1999> :-)
20:44 < LinuxCode> who says it will be the last armageddon ? hehe
20:44 < LinuxCode> ;-p
20:44 < smooge> We roll over to Alpha Alpha Armageddon
20:44 < LinuxCode> haha
20:44 < LinuxCode> k
20:45 < thekad> Armageddon-rc1 ?
20:45 < smooge> are there any known gotchas from the last one?
20:45 < smooge> last ones?
20:45  * ricky can't think of any reason to not boot the latest one apart from testing for a bug or something
20:45 < smooge> ok cool
20:45 -!- tc1415 [n=blewis at fedora/tc1415] has quit Connection timed out
20:46 < LinuxCode> 2.6.18-128.2.1.el5 ?
20:46  * LinuxCode cant think of anything
20:46 -!- Sonar_Guy [n=Who at fedora/sonarguy] has joined #fedora-meeting
20:46 < smooge> yes we should be on that one.. unless in the next week we have 2.2 or 3.0 or something
20:46 < abadger1999> ricky: Was the xen server that keeps rebooting thing resolved?
20:47 < abadger1999> I know we tried a specific kernel for that at one pint.
20:47 < ricky> Nope although it hasn't happened as of late
20:47 < abadger1999> **point
20:47 < ricky> That was xen13, which is fixed on an older kernel now (maybe for that reason?)
20:47 < abadger1999> Yeah, that's what I'm wondering.
20:47 < ricky> Sorry, fixed as in on that particular kernel, not the problem :-)
20:47 < abadger1999> <nod>
20:47 < ricky> The last I heard of that was it being fixed in rhel5u4 though
20:47 < LinuxCode> ricky, might be worth to give the new one a whirl
20:47 < LinuxCode> ohh ok
20:48 < ricky> So not something we're using yet.
20:48 < smooge> hey lets run the beta
20:48  * LinuxCode hits smooge 
20:48 < LinuxCode> lol
20:49 < ricky> smooge: Might be good to send that outage to devel-announce too
20:49  * LinuxCode recalls a security issue with the beta
20:49 < smooge> ah good idea
20:49 < smooge> thanks ricky
20:49 < ricky> We should actually be able to do it without mirror list ouages
20:49 < ricky> Or DNS
20:49 < ricky> Or mail
20:49 < ricky> If we do it intelligently :-)
20:50 < ricky> For everything else, there'd be a blip when the dbs/CVS went down
20:50 < thekad> ricky, you realize that right now you have doomed us all, right?
20:50 < ricky> Hehe
20:50 < LinuxCode> smooge, please send an email to the infra list too please
20:50 -!- Sparks__ is now known as Sparks
20:50 < ricky> He just sent one :-)
20:50 < smooge> LinuxCode, I thought I just did
20:50 < LinuxCode> ohh lol
20:50 < LinuxCode> sorry
20:50 < smooge> ok I think we are to the next topic
20:50 < LinuxCode> I was still filtering for agpl sorry
20:50 < smooge> #topic Open Floor
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20:51 -!- Sparks is now known as Guest32603
20:51 < ricky> Any new people want to say hi now?  :-)
20:51 < smooge> I saw a couple earlier on
20:51 < smooge> iarlyy, hi
20:51 < ricky> Also one more thing on the outage
20:52 < ricky> buildsys might be affected momentarily if xen2/nfs1 are on the list
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20:52 -!- Guest32603 is now known as Sparks
20:52 < LinuxCode> ricky, might be smart to figure out a procedure for reboots
20:52 < ricky> So yeah, there'll be a bunch of people to ping in advance
20:52 < LinuxCode> and write it down
20:52 < ricky> Yeah, this needs to be SOPized
20:53 < ricky> This will be a good chance to do that
20:53  * ricky is making a list of machines with SPOFs on them now
20:53 < smooge> yeah.. my first SOP
20:53 < smooge> or my second..
20:54 -!- inode0 [n=inode0 at fedora/inode0] has quit "Leaving."
20:55 < smooge> ok so buildsys will be affected I will ammend
20:56 < LinuxCode> anything else ?
20:56  * LinuxCode needs to jet to the shop
20:57 < abadger1999> Enter into the record that mmcgrath has a firstborn ;-)
20:57 < thekad> wow
20:57 < smooge> oh yes.
20:58 < sijis> congrats to mmcgrath!
20:58 < skvidal> abadger1999: with the initials of 'rpm'
20:58 < smooge> #record mmcgrath has a new born kid and will be on short shift for a while
20:58 < thekad> smooge, for the next 18 years I believe :P
20:58 < onekopaka> smooge: it's @infoo.
20:58 < onekopaka> #info*
20:59 < smooge> #info mmcgrath has a new born kid and will be on short shift for a while
21:00 < LinuxCode> I thought they were trying for one
21:00 < LinuxCode> lol
21:00 < LinuxCode> that was quick!
21:00  * LinuxCode must have misunderstood
21:00 < smooge> skvidal, and we noticed your patch request for the next child to be Yolanda Ulysses Mcgrath
21:00 < skvidal> Yolanda Ursula
21:00 < LinuxCode> skvidal, Ursula!
21:00 < LinuxCode> lol
21:00 < LinuxCode> PLEASE NO
21:00 < thekad> lol
21:00 -!- mbonnet is now known as mbonnet_
21:00 < skvidal> no one gets my jokes
21:01 < LinuxCode> skvidal, lol
21:01 < smooge> If its a boy it will be Yojimbo Ulysses?
21:02 < smooge> skvidal, I got the joke.. I just forgot the Ursula unless there was a deeper joke with Ursula LeGuin I missed
21:04 < onekopaka> so we need to annouce on f-i-l that mmcgrath has a child now?
21:04 < skvidal> no
21:04 < sijis> we should have a whole subsite newborn.fp.o
21:04 < pjones> smooge: still say that if ajax ever has a kid, he has to name him lucious.
21:05 < thekad> pjones, ok, I didn't get that one
21:05 < smooge> I figured it would be shoeless
21:05 < ricky> (
21:05  * ricky just googled for it
21:05 -!- notting [n=notting at redhat/notting] has quit Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)
21:05 < pjones> ricky: wrong.
21:05 < ricky> Oh, the baseball player one?
21:05 < ricky> Er, basketball :-)
21:05 < pjones>
21:05 < thekad> that has nothing to do with ajax I think
21:06 < ricky> Haha, wow
21:06 < pjones> (what we have here is a failure to communicate.)
21:06 < ricky> Heh
21:07 < thekad> wait, this meeting is over now, right?
21:07 < smooge> ok I think we are done now
21:07 < onekopaka> thekad: nah.
21:07 < smooge> #endmeeting
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21:07  * LinuxCode legs it
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