Self-introduction: Mel Chua

Mel Chua mel at
Mon Aug 17 16:37:46 UTC 2009

Hiya. Infrastructure newbie here. I'm Mel; some of you have seen me 
around (particularly in Marketing). has more introduction-esque stuff.

Ricky sponsored me for sysadmin-test so I can get up a test instance of 
zikula for FI ( - copious 
documentation being written at 
(to be turned into wiki notes when everything is up and working). [1]

This is the first time I've done sysadmin-type stuff on a box that 
wasn't my own personal computer, and it's been fascinating so far to 
learn how things work when multiple users get involved. You'll see 
questions from me on IRC (mchua) once in a while - thanks to everyone 
who's been extending such a warm welcome! This is much less scary than I 
thought it would be. ;)


[1] If anyone's interested in playing with a Real Zikula Project early, 
we could definitely use help; we're serving as a guinea pig for future 
bigger projects like The Great Docs Migration, so there's a ton of stuff 
I don't think anybody really knows yet. If someone's looking for a 
project for the remainder of F12 and wants to learn about zikula and run 
with the tech/infrastructure stuff for FI for a few months, we should talk.

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