Wan't to join and why

Mel Chua mel at redhat.com
Tue Aug 18 03:36:25 UTC 2009

>> What I am looking to do now is create a very simplified bugzilla interface that
>> can be used by OLPC users, mostly children, to report issues with Sugar
>> Activities in Fedora.  Will develop in PHP and would like to develop and test
>> it on one of the publictest servers.

I am ignorant of much of the context surrounding this, but it seems to 
me that this may be...

(1) technically an upstream-in-bugzilla project, perhaps
(2) potentially awesome for getting feedback from fedora users (provide 
a better on-ramp for participation - though I don't know all the ways 
we're getting user feedback now, and how effective current methods are 
at turning users into contributors). This would be if the interface is 
generalizable to "simplified bugzilla interface" and is customizable for 
audiences beyond OLPC-using children.

If #2, might be handy to deploy for Fedora in general as well (so long 
as we can think of ways to make sure the feedback/brainstorms actually 
get filtered into actionableness, and that the folks who submit that 
feedback are encouraged to take those actions.)

These are side musings, though.


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