Joining the Fedora Infrstructure team

Terrance Hutchinson terrance.hutchinson at
Mon Aug 24 19:43:01 UTC 2009

I am highly interested in joining the Fedora Infrastructure team. I am a
Systems Integration Engineer/Software Developer for Hewlett-Packard NAS
products. I use Fedora
as my workstation OS and I am the team linux guru. I am skilled in
HTML/CSS/JavaScript as well as Perl, Python and TCL/Tk. I am fluent in the
C/C++ and java programming languages. I deal with many storage based
protocols such as iSCSI, NFS and CIFS constantly. This could range from
performance issues to full on bug-hunts. I also know clustering and
different linux virtualization platforms.
If you need to know more or if there is more I need to do please let me know
as I would love to be part of the team.

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