F8/F9 torrent links

Matt_Domsch at Dell.com Matt_Domsch at Dell.com
Thu Aug 27 13:57:36 UTC 2009

When I last did cleanup, it was before F9 went EOL, so it stayed.    F9 has ~20 downloaders right now.  I didn't nuke F8 just because there were still a few seeders and downloaders.  I see there are 12 downloaders at present for it.

describes the policy we have in place.

By rights, if we move F9 to archive.fp.o, then we can nuke both F8 and F9 from torrent1.

Matt Domsch
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Subject: F8/F9 torrent links
Hey all,

I was browsing the torrent.fedoraproject.org website and i noticed
that there are torrent links still listed for F8 and F9.
I was looking for a way to remove them via the fedora-web git repo but
nb and G noticed the Torrent_SOP. I figured i'd email the torrent
group and see if these should be removed since they are EOL.

Let me know if in the future i should direct this to somewhere/someone else.



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