Mike McGrath mmcgrath at
Thu Aug 27 14:17:24 UTC 2009

On Wed, 26 Aug 2009, Christian Del Pino wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> My name is Chris. I am looking to contribute my skills and time to the Fedora
> Infrastructure group.
> I started using Linux back in 1996 while in college. In 2005, I became a
> system administrator at a small company helping them build, deploy, and
> support Linux based laptops for use in capturing clinical data. Other tasks
> included projects to help the company scale our operations.
> I have a Bachelor's in Computer Science, and I am currently pursuing a
> Master's in Information Systems, with a couple of semesters to go. I also
> became a Red Hat Certified Technician back in 2004.
> My skills include:
> Bash scripting
> C++
> Some Python
> Some PostgreSQL
> Started learning some Django.
> I want to be involved in the Fedora community by helping out where I can, and
> also learn some more new skills along the way.

Hello Chris.  We have several development projects going on at the moment.
One you may be interested in is Fedora Community -

Here's the project page:

We hang out on in #fedora-admin, stop by sometime.


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