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Re: Calendaring system?

Adam Williamson wrote:
Hi, guys. Uh, quick intro for those who see the redhat.com and wonder
who I am - I'm Adam Williamson. I'm new in the Fedora QA department here
at RH, my job is to drive community involvement in Fedora QA. I came
over from Mandriva where I was the community manager. I'll be working
from my home in Vancouver, Canada.

I'm new on the list so this may have come up before, in which case
apologies :). Something I thought would be nice to have for QA community
is a public calendar system where dates of events like test days can be
published. Obviously it's silly for me personally or the QA team to take
on the job of hosting a calendar server, but it was suggested that it
would be a good project for the infrastructure team, and other groups
within Fedora could probably benefit from it. Does it sound like a good
idea? Anyone want to have a go? Or is there something already, that I
don't know about? Thanks!

I've not seen anything in this thread yet, so it may have been mentioned before;

MediaWiki has a couple of calendering plugins that will allow "days" to be allocated; I looked into this for our meeting schedule but since none of them include any times for appointments I found it to be useless. Nonetheless, it could be worthwhile for allocating "Test days" and "Events" -and things of the sort.

Kind regards,

Jeroen van Meeuwen

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