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Re: Calendaring system?

On Mon, Feb 9, 2009 at 12:36 PM, Jeroen van Meeuwen <kanarip kanarip com> wrote:
> Adam Williamson wrote:
>> Hi, guys. Uh, quick intro for those who see the redhat.com and wonder
>> who I am - I'm Adam Williamson. I'm new in the Fedora QA department here
>> at RH, my job is to drive community involvement in Fedora QA. I came
>> over from Mandriva where I was the community manager. I'll be working
>> from my home in Vancouver, Canada.
>> I'm new on the list so this may have come up before, in which case
>> apologies :). Something I thought would be nice to have for QA community
>> is a public calendar system where dates of events like test days can be
>> published. Obviously it's silly for me personally or the QA team to take
>> on the job of hosting a calendar server, but it was suggested that it
>> would be a good project for the infrastructure team, and other groups
>> within Fedora could probably benefit from it. Does it sound like a good
>> idea? Anyone want to have a go? Or is there something already, that I
>> don't know about? Thanks!
> I've not seen anything in this thread yet, so it may have been mentioned
> before;
> MediaWiki has a couple of calendering plugins that will allow "days" to be
> allocated; I looked into this for our meeting schedule but since none of
> them include any times for appointments I found it to be useless.
> Nonetheless, it could be worthwhile for allocating "Test days" and "Events"
> -and things of the sort.
> Kind regards,
> Jeroen van Meeuwen
> -kanarip

I think the point I'm continuing to make is that it should support
caldav or something similar.  The protocol defines a protocol, so the
client applications themselves shouldn't matter, but we do need to
have a way to communicate with the calendar server.

My intention isn't to discount MediaWiki or Zikula as a possible
platform for a calendaring client, but to say that the features you
suggest are not what we're after here.  Instead I'd say that those two
applications could push/pull data from the calendar server (using

The events listed in the caldav server can be manipulated by these
other applications and probably through an API which could include
Access Control Lists based upon FAS rights.  I can see this being a
bit of an undertaking, but it can really benefit the Fedora Project as
a whole.

As I stated in my previous email, I've got a draft up of all the
features we'd like to see (it's pretty empty right now) and I'll
probably go ahead and list some of this email there.  But for those of
you who are interested in helping me get that wiki page more complete,
feel free to visit:


Keep the thoughts coming, I want to see this project succeed!



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