More auth options

Dennis Gilmore dennis at
Mon Mar 30 17:57:23 UTC 2009

So doing a liitle looking around I cane across some options that look 
interesting,  the following options would mean you need to physically have 
something to login. 

It would require a pam module and for us to setup a server for managing keys.  
it looks to be fairly low cost.   it would implement a 2 facter 


it moves the public key from your hard drive to something you physically need 
to have

ubikey is max USD$25 where  the etoken is probably at least USD$30.  I would 
think that with yubikey we could work out a deal with them to get a discount 
in return for us being a case study/prominent user of there product.  all of 
the software for yubikey AFAICT is open source.  some of it would require 


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