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Wed Dec 31 17:12:21 UTC 2008


I wanted to open the lines of communication outside of Alfresco about the discussions of a *CompanyName* Network.  I had this discussion about 18 months ago with Rich Friedman, Mark Lugert, Matt Mattox, and some others inside of Red Hat about using Alfresco as the foundation for an Open Source Network to be used by all Open Source companies.  Since this time, Red Hat has started opening up the code base that makes up RHN under the code name SpaceWalk on the Fedora Projects.  This is meant to be built as a potential replacement for Red Hat Satellite, but it will be some time until this happens.  I have created a bullet on the Fedora Hosted site to represent this concept to the SpaceWalk developers:  I know that this is not an immediate fit for us, but I am thinking larger scale.  I know that JBoss had JBossON, Red Hat has RHN, JasperSoft has theirs and now we are doing it again.  There has to be some economy of scale here so we all don't waste our time.  I think building us into the SpaceWalk project makes great sense as they currently have a home grown Content Management System that is deeply integrated into Oracle :(.  Replacing this with Alfresco would allow for them scale out very quickly.  There are also discussions about SpaceWalk integrating JasperReports for Reporting and GroundWork or some other Monitoring tool to replace the custom development being done.  Red Hat has the most experience doing this work as they have run their Network for over 6 years now.  We should leverage this knowledge and how we scale out with them instead of working against the grain IMVHO.  I have included the other Open Source ISVs in this mailing as well as Matt Asay and my old boss at Red Hat, Matt Mattox, who is in charge of ISV development as a whole at Red Hat that I think would be interested in leveraging this for both Commercial and Open Source ISVs.  Let me know what you think.

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