File conflicts between alsa-firmware and kernel-firmware

Jarod Wilson jarod at
Tue Mar 3 21:07:38 UTC 2009

On Saturday 28 February 2009 11:47:57 Tim Jackson wrote:
> I maintain alsa-firmware and the following bug regarding file conflicts 
> between recent versions of kernel-firmware and alsa-firmware got raised today:
> I'm not really familiar with the kernel package maintenance, nor who/what 
> governs what firmware goes into kernel-firmware (and indeed how that is 
> related to the upstream kernel). I had a cursory look at the kernel spec 
> in CVS but that didn't appear to have any relevant recent changes that 
> were obvious.
> I did a diff between the firmware in alsa-firmware and in 
> kernel-firmware-2.6.29-0.172.rc6.git4.fc11 and it's clear that although 
> there are some overlaps, much of the audio firmware in alsa-firmware isn't 
> in kernel-firmware.
> The current conflicting files are:
> ess/*
> korg/*
> sb16/*
> yamaha/ds1_ctrl.fw
> yamaha/ds1_dsp.fw
> yamaha/ds1e_ctrl.fw
> Things that are in alsa-firmware but NOT in the above version of 
> kernel-firmware are:
> asihpi/*
> digiface*
> 3g*
> ea/*
> emu/*
> mixart/*
> multiface*
> pcxhr/*
> vx/*
> yamaha/yss225_registers.bin
> [usx2y, which does something funky so it's not in /lib/firmware]
> Either way, it looks like we need to work together on this.
> - I'm happy to just drop the conflicting files from alsa-firmware - is
>    that the right thing to do?

I'd say yes. The versions shipped in the kernel are (supposed to be)
known to work with the matching shipped kernel code.

> - Are the above audio firmware files in kernel-firmware there to stay?

They're put into kernel-firmware as part of the kernel's firmware "build"
process, so as long as they're part of the kernel, yeah, they'll be there.

> - Is there a long term goal to bring all the firmware from alsa-firmware
>    upstream into the kernel-firmware package?

No clue... Would have to talk to some alsa folks.

Jarod Wilson
jarod at

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