Alpha platform support for kernel package (WAS: Re: [pkgdb] kernel: oliver has requested commit)

Oliver Falk oliver at
Wed Mar 4 07:59:37 UTC 2009


Changed the subject, as happens that I oversee the mails :-(
And this subject is more descriptive, isn't it?

Kyle McMartin wrote:
[ ... ]
> This all looks fine to me.

May I interpret this as a *GO*? :-)

 > Sorry to have been so blunt, but I'm fairly
> new to Fedora, so I didn't know you were actually working on stuff, and
> not just someone asking for random commit access.

Don't worry. I didn't get this wrong. I can understand you where 
worrying. If I'd be in your position, I would react differently.

> I wouldn't worry too much about the linux-2.6- namespace for patches,
> I'd prefer if they were just alpha-$patch.patch. davej, thoughts?

Whatever you prefer.

Let me know, so I start working on this today...


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