[PATCH] x86: fix DMI for EFI

Brian Maly bmaly at redhat.com
Fri Mar 6 20:32:52 UTC 2009

resolves BZ 488579

Impact: reactivate DMI quirks on EFI hardware

DMI tables are loaded by EFI, so the dmi calls must happen after
efi_init() and not before.

Currently Apple hardware uses DMI to determine the framebuffer mappings
for efifb. Without DMI working you also have no video on MacBook Pro.

This patch resolves the DMI issue for EFI hardware (DMI is now properly
detected at boot), and additionally efifb now loads on Apple hardware 
(i.e. video works).

Upstream commit:

It would be helpful to have this patch included in Fedora before UEFI 
test day (April 9th, 2009), if possible, being that the largest 
percentage of UEFI hardware currently on the market is made by Apple. In 
that respect, this patch is somewhat important.


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