[PATCH] EFI: fix efi_ioremap

Brian Maly bmaly at redhat.com
Fri Mar 6 20:34:12 UTC 2009

resolves BZ 466954

efi_ioremap is currently broken in fedora, so systems that have large 
efi runtime regions mapped into higher mem are not able to re-map, the 
result being the system fails to boot. The core issue is that any region 
 > 400K cannot currently be remapped with efi_ioremap due to size 
limitations within the efi_ioremap code. So when an efi runtime region 
is larger than 400K and in higher mem, it is not remapped. Systems most 
affected by this issue tend to be made by Apple.
This patch was tested on MacBook Pro (Santa Rosa) and resolves the issue.

Upstream commit:

It would be helpful to have this patch included in Fedora before UEFI 
test day (April 9th, 2009), if possible, being that the largest 
percentage of UEFI hardware currently on the market is made by Apple. In 
that respect, this patch is somewhat important.



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