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On 12/12/06, Nils Breunese (Lemonbit) <nils at lemonbit.nl> wrote:
> Jesse Keating wrote:
> .
> I agree and we could just end it at that and say we don't care
> everybody and their dog is running unpatched systems. But has anyone
> ever tried contacting these big companies and explaining the
> situation to maybe get some resources for the Legacy Project from
> them? Or does that sound too much like begging to people here?
> Companies like Dell just approach the Infrastructure Team and say
> "Hey, we could give you guys a couple of our servers, where would you
> like us to send them?" I guess it doesn't work like that for others,
> but they might just want to cooperate. Or they might just not care
> that their customers run unpatched systems. Since they also offer
> support on their software I guess that helping Legacy out might just
> benefit them too.

>From past efforts to contact various ISP's on both Centos and Fedora..
it isnt very good. Most of the ISPs seem to not have it in their
business plan to look after software updates. They put down Linux as
being something that they didnt have to pay a licensing fee for and
put a 0 cost to make up costs elsewhere in
electricity/bandwidth/advertising/selling at a loss til later. A good
many of the large ones are actually already deep in debt or VC
capital. The ones that do have cash are the ones that offer licensed
RHEL/SuSE to customers and so arent using Fedora.

Looking over the archives.. there were a lot of sites that said "we
want" or "we must have" support for some release or another but very
few of them put up any resources for it. It was usually an individual
who had the skills, time, and resources to do a single release for a
while until they got tired of it.

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