Fedora Legacy shutting down

D.Terweij | NTG-Support d.terweij at nettuning.net
Sat Dec 30 21:16:54 UTC 2006

>Works me for me too now.
>Nils Breunese.

Yes here too. Dont hope that a lot of ppl are raping the server now :S
It is very slow overhere. arround 2-3Mbit

I am try to create a local repo if all is synced and add that to my boxes.
And maybe i set it online too. You never know who else is in need of "old"

At the moment if i want a new version or a security fix, i try to rebuild a
fc4/5/6 src rpm .
It not always builds fine, then i skip that or try to remove a package and
install from source tarballs from author websites.

Just a bad choice to run FC in production environments afterwards. Not
always easy to upgrade to newer ones.


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