Self-Introduction: Wesley Harrell

Wesley Harrell wesley at
Tue Jul 25 20:18:01 UTC 2006

Name:  Wesley Harrell
Location:  US, Massachusetts, Somerville
Profession: Sysadmin
Employer:  Boston University

Goals and Qualifications:

        -I am interested in helping QA and other duties as needed for the 
        FC releases being cared for and fed by the Legacy Project.  I 
        work with a group of sysadmins and developers on the Boston 
        University Linux Project.  We use FC as a base for our desktop
        releases and it is important that we be able to keep these as 
        stable and secure as possible.  One method for doing that is 
        helping with upstream QA.  This helps us and the community.

        -I am experienced with package building, bash scripting, some perl 
        and have been developing with python for a few months (basic scripts, 
        yum plugins).

        -Trustworthiness.  Well if I was dishonest or even had an ethical 
        lapse, my wife would surely find out and I don't need that kind of 
        pain :)  Also Matt Miller can hopefully vouch for me as being a 
        trustworthy fellow, right Matt?

I have been and will continue to read through the legacy documents, howtos, 
and other info to become more familiar with the process.  If I can be of help 
please let me know, otherwise I will keep my eye out for bugs or other 
items that I can assist with.

Below is my GPG key, thanks and I look forward to working with you.

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