Meeting results

Jim Popovitch jimpop at
Fri Jul 7 03:34:22 UTC 2006

Jesse Keating wrote:
> A proposal was made in the meeting tonight / last night that makes a lot of 
> sense to me and the others that were there.  I would like to float it here 
> and if there isn't significant issue with it, make it so.
> Fedora Core 1 and Fedora Core 2 go EOL (dropped by us) when we pick up Fedora 
> Core 4.  This follows our stated lifespan policy.
> RHL7.3/9 get a staged death:  New issues (bugs) will be accepted until October 
> 1st.  No new bugs after that mark.  Existing bugs will be resolved by Dec 
> 31st or never resolved.
> This should give people a good enough notice to migrate to an appropriate 
> platform and even a bit of a cushion on the other side of Oct 1st.
> I like this plan, I think its fair.  As do the folks in the meeting.  What do 
> you think?

Sounds solid to me.

-Jim P.

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