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Re: Announcing End of Life times (Fedora Core 1, 2, Red Hat Linux 7.3, 9)

New issues (bugs) will be accepted until October 1st of this year. No new bugs will be accepted after that mark. All existing bugs will be resolved to the best of our ability by December 31st of this year. What hasn't been completed by then will not be completed by the Fedora Legacy project. This will be the end of Fedora Legacy's support of the Red Hat Linux line of distributions. We will continue focusing our efforts on the Fedora Core line, and improving our integration with the Fedora project in whole.

As part of this EOL process, will FL continue to host the old archives of RPMs past the EOL date or will that hosting also be going away?

Will FL be doing a final build of all packages for FC2 x86_64 to finally bring the security fixes to that architecture (old Fedora updates are built for x86_64, just not legacy updates)? It would be a nice thing to do, as there are some packages (PHP, for example) that don't compile right out of the source RPM for x86_64.


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