All rpm Commands Hang Indefinitely (RH 9)

Tim Evans tkevans at
Tue Jul 25 18:28:44 UTC 2006

I've just found FedoraLegacy; this is great.  I have a batch of RH 9 systems
that badly need updating, and have already started working with 'yum' to get
them done.

One system, however, has hung while installing 'yum' itself per the
instructions at

The hang was indefinite; I left it sit all night and shell prompt never
returned.  Process listing shows 'rpm' still running, even after logging off
the terminal; ctrl-c does not kill the process either.  Only 'kill -9' will
end it.

In looking into this, I see all 'rpm' commands (even simple queries) hang in
the same way.  Man page doesn't mention it, but is there a lockfile somewhere
that's holding things up?  Or something else?


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