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[Fedora-legal-list] Fedora content downstream at Wikipedia

I'm considering the idea[1] of taking (part of) this canonical page:


... and maintaining it downstream at, e.g.:


On the face of it, the source content is the same license as
Wikipedia.  Maintaining the Wikipedia page as a downstream is as
simple as copy + paste, then watch the canonical page and update the
downstream page as appropriate.

But there is an additional clause in contributing content to
Wikipedia, that it be contributed under the GFDL:


  If you contribute text directly to Wikipedia, you thereby license it
  to the public for reuse under CC-BY-SA and GFDL (unversioned, with
  no invariant sections, front-cover texts, or back-cover texts).

If I were the copyright holder for the Fedora content in question, I
would just accept that.  However, the [[Red Hat contributions]] page
on the Fedora wiki is definitely an aggregate work.[2] Interestingly,
it appears the vast majority of the contributions are from Red Hat

If copyright holder permission is required or preferred, we could
obtain it and put a notice on the page that future contributions are
going to be relicensed at Wikipedia under ... the GFDL specifically?
Yeah, specifics make more sense.

How to handle all this?

Thanks - Karsten

[1] Not being sure about the cultural stance of being @redhat.com and
    doing this, I've requested help on the subject here:


[2] Full history for this page on this wiki:


    There is a copyright history that goes back to the previous wiki.
    We can obtain that list, if needed. :)

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