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An official trademark policy for CheapBytes-type RHL CDs?

Way back when, it used to be that those who burned
CD-Rs from the downloaded Red Hat Linux ISOs and sold
them (i.e. CheapBytes) were allowed to refer to those
CDs as "Red Hat Linux" just so long as they didn't
refer to them as "Offical Red Hat Linux," a trademark
reserved for Red Hat's retail distribution. For
whatever reason, Red Hat stopped this practice, and
now CheapBytes
<http://cart.cheapbytes.com/cgi-bin/cart>, LinuxCD
and OSDisc
refer to their Red Hat CD-R by pseudonyms.

Now as long as Red Hat sold CDs by retail, this was
not such a bad situation. Those who didn't know that
"Pink Tie," "Red Tux," and "Blue Jacket" were just Red
Hat in disguise could simply buy their CDs from Red
Hat, if downloading and burning the ISOs wasn't an
option. However, with Red Hat now only making the ISOs
available for download, the only ones who can provide
CDs for those who can't make their own are CheapBytes
and its ilk--and CheapBytes and its ilk are forbidden
to call their Red Hat CDs by their true names. This is
a recipe for confusion.

IMHO, what is needed is some trademark policy that
specifically allows CheapBytes, etc. to name future
RHL CDs in a non-obfuscatory fashion, so that
potential RHL users can actually *find* the CDs. Maybe
a trademark specifically for CheapBytes and similar
resellers, i.e. "Downloaded Red Hat Linux"?

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