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Ben Russo ben at
Sat Nov 1 02:40:36 UTC 2003

Bruce W. Bigby wrote:

>On Fri, 2003-10-31 at 01:12, Ryan J Zygar wrote:
>>All I have to say is Fedora is great. The ATI deal is important though. 
>>Mine doesn't work w/o using the ATI website drivers.
>>Panther and Fedora our wonderful.
>>fedora-list mailing list
>>fedora-list at
>I'm curious.  I have RedHat 9 with Ximian Desktop 2 updates. What's so
>great about Fedora?  I genuinely want to know. 8-)
If everything works for you with RedHat 9,  and you are happy,
then I think you should  just keep using it and ignore all the noise you 
(just keep yourself safe by applying the appropriate security
patches as necessary and using a host based firewall etc....)

However, if you are excited about community projects and want
to see them succeed, join the party.  the fedora websites contain
info about getting started and how to contribute.

Eventually (maybe sometime next year, or if your computer use
is focused on a set of applications that don't change much, maybe
two or three years), you will have to upgrade to use the latest
software or hardware and interact with the rest of the world.

When that happens, if you used to use RedHat Linux you may
want to look at Fedora.  There will be no RedHat 9.1 or RedHat 10
or any RedHat Linux....  Fedora is the next generation of the
RedHat Linux  bloodline.


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