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Andy Green fedora at warmcat.com
Sat Nov 1 17:21:35 UTC 2003

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On Saturday 01 November 2003 17:00, Chuck Talk wrote:

> I am trying to find out about how Fedora will be released. I.E., if I
> wished to release CD's of the Fedora Project, Could I do so under another
> name without infrigning on anyone's rights? In other words, I may wish to
> have burned CD's available of the Source and Binaries, but not call it
> Fedora, so that people can order the same for a small fee. Is this
> feasibale under the Fedora Project, or will this be considered an
> infringement of the rights of the developers and contributors?

You can't use the Redhat-specific art in this case, nor the Redhat-owned 
trademarks (whatever they are, "Redhat" at least).  Redhat seem to put these 
goodies in nicely separate packages.

Otherwise there's nothing wrong with this as I understand it, for example 
Mandrake is a fork of Redhat from some time ago.  Redhat do not own the 
copyright on the vast bulk of the things in Fedora, so no rights are 
infringed for those things.  For the redhat-* utils I don't know how they are 
licensed, I assume they are also GPL-d in which case you can have those too.  
Definitely the case for Redhat's anaconda which Debian seem to be 
incorporating.  I guess that redhat-* utils might need renaming to avoid 
trademark horror, or maybe that would be exactly the wrong thing to do.  
Maybe someone from Redhat can clarify.

I hope somebody does this distro wrapping action for non-financial reasons, in 
order at least to make a tracking version of Fedora which includes mpg123 and 
mplayer in the install directly.  Its the great power of the GPL that people 
making new stuff can stand on the shoulders of giants like this.

- -Andy
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