Red Hat Professional Workstation Details

Xose Vazquez Perez xose at
Sun Nov 2 01:05:58 UTC 2003

Marcus White wrote:

fedora-list is a better place for this thread.

> I'll step down off my soapbox now... But there is the "RHL Professional
> Workstation" version.

I have found more information about RHPW, rh web is very poor about it.

Here some details about the upcoming Red Hat Professional Workstation

Available exclusively through Retail and Corporate Resellers

Red Hat Professional Workstation is the complete suite of tools for
the power desktop user. Based on the leading enterprise Linux operating
system, Professional Workstation provides a complete office suite,
Internet productivity tools, and web server solution for connected,
secure desktop use at home or the office.

Includes support for Intel x86 systems with up to 2 CPUs.


* Includes the Applications and Services Power Desktop Users Demand
* Keep your desktop secure and up to date with the 1 year of Red Hat
  Network with 1 year of Update module.

Red Hat Professional Workstation based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.0
(LSB 1.3 compatible) and comes with the innovative Bluecurve interface.
Also included: personal firewall, cryptography, and support for ACLs.


* Ximian evolution - email Client with calendar, PDA connection, task lists
* - the complete office package with text processing
* Mozilla - Browser, mail, directory, HTML editor
* Graphics and Multimedia - (GIMP, CD and DVD burn software)
* Samba 3.0 and NFS
* Apache Web server
* CUPS pressure system
* Linux Kernel 2.4.21

* 4 Binary installation CDs
* 1 documentation CD
* Installation manual (printed and on CD)
* Introduction to the system administration (on CD)
* System administration manual (on CD)
* Reference manual (on CD)
* Safety manual (on CD)
* CD with Java development kits
* 30 days installation support - telephone and web
* One year RHN network update service with errata and updates

it looks like the same, more or less, than RHEL WS, but at 95$.

HTML mails are going to trash automagically

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