Crossover Office 2.1

Gerry Tool gstool at
Sun Nov 2 01:48:39 UTC 2003

On Sat, 2003-11-01 at 17:24, Lamar Owen wrote:

> I'm running cxoffice 2.1.0 on fedora.  I haven't found the problem you have; 
> however, I've also not gotten an update from up2date since middle of last 
> week (when fedora-release went to 1).  

That may be why you don't get the error messages.  That's about the time
my updates seemed to cause the error to appear.  Jeremy White of
Codeweavers suggested that I report back when I install the new release
and xoveroffice if the error message still appears since they want to
spend their effort on the real release.  They had tested against test2

In the meantime, he suggested I could disable the security patch check
in the wine perl script which I did.  All works fine and I don't get the
error message now.  


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