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David Holden dh at
Sun Nov 2 10:49:46 UTC 2003

On Sunday 02 Nov 2003 12:21 am, Xose Vazquez Perez wrote:
> Chuck Wolber wrote:
> > Like the previous poster said, now that RedHat has made its move, small
> > businesses (like mine) and *.edu are taking it up the ass. That's pretty
> > much life and I'm willing to accept that without complaint. RedHat needs
> > to be reminded though that it's in poor taste to throw it back in our
> > faces telling us to "pay up or shut up".
> Why is there so much noise about this *now* ?

Redhat hooked us in with there (now initial) pricing policy $60 
per/machine/year. Then one day they say no we are now going to triple that 
for the desktop and I know times that by six for the server.

either way you cut it this is pretty poor for the customer.

> I believe people had more than one year to do something about this.
> Fedora is free($$$$, sources and binaries), if you need longer lifetime
> is because you are going to *win money* with it. And Red Hat wants
> his part, this is capitalism. If you hate it, sorry URSS was going down :-)
> Red Hat sells products/services. If you like it, pay for it.
> If you hate it, change you to another distribution.

Yes I suspect that is what we may end up doing, however it is not that easy 
since although they're all linux they tend to do things differently, even 
small things can make a transition time consuming  and if you are a small 
business man power is not something you have in abundance.

Personally although I have some serious misgivings about sun I'm kind of 
intrigued by their java desktop, saw a demo of it a linux world and it was 
pretty cool.



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