Delayed due to 'Respin'?

Matthias Blankertz matthias.blankertz at
Mon Nov 3 20:43:35 UTC 2003

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Am Montag 03 November 2003 20:40 schrieb Martin Marques:
> El Lun 03 Nov 2003 13:38, Gerry Doris escribió:
> > > It means that we found an issue which was serious enough to prevent us
> > > from
> > > shipping, therefore we are going to have to fix the issue then create
> > > new trees and test to verify that the new trees are sane.  This whole
> > > process is referred to as "spinning a release."
> >
> > This is the best message I've seen on this list since the group was
> > started.  There has been a ton of speculation, guesses, upset
> > people...and now this note.
> >
> > Jay, your note indicates to me that RH still cares.  A Fedora release is
> > being delayed because it isn't ready.  Further, you are doing QA testing
> > and not just tossing the release to the public.
> >
> > I believe this is a real sign to those whose faith may have been shaken
> > and perhaps feel that RedHat might be abandoning the flock!
> You mean they took the blue pill? :-)

RH said that the development of Fedora will be a more open process.
Then I wonder why they can't tell us what their problem is that causes them to 
delay? It either is a) something secret, or b) they don't want to waste their 
time explaining. b would be acceptable but a?!?
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