eol rh9-ximian and fedora...?

Tim Kossack tim_kossack at web.de
Mon Nov 3 21:33:53 UTC 2003

Am Mon, den 03.11.2003 schrieb Sean Middleditch um 22:10:

> yes, of course ximian uses the redhat rpms.  they don't use your rhn
> account tho, ximian provides copies of the redhat rpms on their own
> red-carpet mirrors, which are installed using the red-carpet system, not
> rhn.  ximian has not and, likely, will not provide any packages for rh9
> or any other supported distro save the xd2 packages they normally
> provide.  if you want continued rh9 support, ximian isn't the place to
> look.  browse the archives of this list for posts on individuals/groups
> providing security errata for rh9.

thx again-i'll wait and see what happens. i use xd2 mainly just because
i was curious and therefore installed it, but taken aside the much
better-looking vera-fonts and the nicer looking ooo, it has really no
real benefits over rh9, so i might go back to fedora.
oh well, looks like another backup-tweaking-session...;-(

ps: do you know if at least the updates/fixes of the
fedora-core-packages will be provided via rhn (just as with rhl), or
will they get distributed via reps.? 
unfortunately, the bits of information shattered across the fedora-pages
(need to get cleaned up and updated) aren't exactly very clear about
this point!
i like yum and apt4rpm for installation of additional packages, but for
updating the whole system, up2date is more comfortable.

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