Packaging changes with Fedora?

John Stoneham lyric at
Tue Nov 4 04:39:39 UTC 2003

I've just arrived on the list; took a look around Fedora today and it looks
like there's already an excellent user community surrounding it, which is

I'm looking for a list of packages which have been removed / deprecated /
renamed / repackaged. I have an up-to-date Shrike box at the moment. As I
have a few RPMs on here which aren't Red Hat-issued, I usually upgrade
distributions by downloading all the RPMs that update packages I need, then
doing a massive 'rpm -Uvh'. (This usually requires a few iterations as RH
traces down the dependencies and tells me about new dependencies I need to
satisfy.) This path has served me well from RH7 through 9. I'd like to do
the same and move to the Severn release, but there's some packages that I
can't find the new version of.

I understand this isn't a supported upgrade path and I'm not asking anyone
to debug my upgrade for me; what I would like to know, though, is where the
hell some of the software has gone that I've been using. perl-CGI,
perl-CPAN, perl-DB_File are good examples. Have these simply not been added
to the Severn betas yet? Or have they been repackaged, as RH is occasionally
wont to do, into something else where I'm not finding them? Google's been no
help on the matter.

Any advice?


- John

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