info on installing, rather confused

Timothy John Giese giese025 at
Tue Nov 4 05:32:21 UTC 2003

> It mentions issues with "EZ-BIOS" being present... and I am pretty 
> sure that is used somewhere, but due to not having complete control 
> (and thus the ability to know what is going on when it goes on), I 
> have no idea what it is or what it does... or why it may or may not 
> cause a problem.
> So should I be worried about it? Or will it most likely not cause a 
> problem?
Backup your system before you attempt an install and you will have no 
fear in the event you destroy your computer.  I've done RH9 installs on 
a variety of old and new computers with old and new BIOSs without any 
problems.  So, my answers are "NO!" and "I doubt it".


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