Redhat to Fedora - up2date/RHN

Peter Boy pboy at
Tue Nov 4 10:07:47 UTC 2003


Am Di, den 04.11.2003 schrieb Charles Gregory um 06:41:
> Now, less than a year later, Red Hat (basic) is being dropped, the RH
> "Enterprise Edition" is ridiculously expensive (for a small not-for-profit
> community net, anyways), 

You may be one of those who will suffer from that change in Red Hats
marketing strategie. There are a lot of similiar fears, here. But things
are really not as worse as they some people consider it to be. You may
check out Red Hat Professional Workstation (about $ 100), which should
fullfill your criteria well. You will benefit from a prolonged RHN
subscription. And still quite affordable. 

> and while everyone seems to think that this
> 'Fedora' project is an adeqaute replacement, there are no real documents
> on *how* to make this migration/transition, 

It's just an update, just as any previous RH version

> and whether 'up2date' will
> continue to work in the same way. Or how it *will* work if it is
> different.

It will, using it's own fedora repository

> There is also no clear indication in the downloads page of which versions
> are 'stable' and suitable for a production server environment, and which
> ones are 'test' versions. Or I'm looking in the wrong place. 

You are  :-)  Using the software you will see repositories fedora-core
and fedura-updates-released (and perhaps fedora-updates-testing in the
future). And there will be rawhide for testing / beta / alpha stuff.

> To me there
> is a much stronger flavour of Fedora being a 'test' or 'development' site
> that than a place to obtain stable Linux distributions. But this can't be
> right, can it?

Fedora is meant to be as stable as Red Hat Linux has been. But its life
time will be shorter (about 8-9 months). So you will have to update your
machines more ffrequently. Might be not a good idea for servers.

Another difference is support. There is no "guranteered" support for
Fedora, but there will be a "de facto" support. Might be sufficient for
some environements but will definitely not for a lot of others.

Again, check Red Hat Professional Workstation as an alternative.


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