mirror suggestion

Matthew Boeckman matthewb at saepio.com
Tue Nov 4 18:16:28 UTC 2003

well, that is fine for iso download, but bittorrent isn't a supported 
install media (ala FTP/HTTP), or is it?

Niels Weber wrote:
> Am Di, den 04.11.2003 schrieb Brian Collins um 17:39:
>>>Hello list, I wanted to post a suggestion. It seems that only a very small 
>>>handful of the 'redhat mirrors' actually carry severn. I tried > 12 
>>>mirrors that I've used in the past, not a one had it. After asking on IRC, 
>>>I got one mirror. So far, bandwidth to it is about 5K/s (not my end), and 
>>>of course ftp.redhat.com is hosted on a dialup.
>>I host severn on my mirror, but we have yet (after 15 months) to show up on 
>>the mirror list.
> The best mirror is Bittorrent IMHO.
> I do hope they list the .torrent on fedora.redhat.com at release time.

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