Packaging changes with Fedora?

Ben Russo ben at
Tue Nov 4 20:13:53 UTC 2003

>>repackaged, or deprecated, but they're definitely in Shrike and missing from
>>The only packages in question (at least the ones that I know of) are:
>>... which reveals this to be a very small and unimportant problem, but the
>>question remains - is Severn being intentionally distributed without support
>>for these three Perl modules?
>The three modules in question appear to be packaged in perl-5.8.1-91.  So,
>at least, in the 0.95 release of Severn, they've been repackaged for
>whatever reason.  I don't imagine that it will change when Fedora Core 1
>is release Real Soon Now.  They've been bundled in the main Perl
>distribution for a while now, so I guess Fedora is just catching up.
Right, when I upgraded from RH9 to FC1b3 using up2date, I had to remove
    pine and those perl modules first. 
Then the upgrade went fine.

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