fedora-list digest, Vol 1 #142 - 32 msgs

Christopher Wilber chris at wilber.me.uk
Tue Nov 4 22:33:32 UTC 2003

>Red Hat network recently took $360 from me for my 6 linux systems
>Looks like that support won't last the full year I paid for.
>Do I get a partial refund? Or put it down to experience.   
>Steve Withers
>swithers at mmp.org.nz

This was exactly my concern and despite 3 emails to Redhat customer
services and 2 queries through the redhat web pages, I have had
absolutely no reponse.
With impeccable timing I took out a subscription in mid October
principally because I wanted priority access to the ISOs and subsequent
priority bandwidth allocation.
Redhat are simply refusing to answer my questions about whether they
will continue to provide priority access to their bandwidth. I don't
mind paying RedHat - indeed I have bought 5.x, 7.x and 8.0 boxed CD sets
in the past and then paid for an annual subscription. What irritates me
is that they won't answer my questions about what happens to the 7
months updates I will have paid for when April comes by and RH 9 is no
longer supported. Offering a discount on another service is not
acceptable. But if they would just offer the priority bandwidth, or if
they gave me the option of having the money transferred over as a gift
to the Fedora project I would probably accept that.
At the moment I have installed Fedora beta 3 (Severn 0.95) and cannot
register that channel on RHN. Latest version available to register is
Beta 2 according to their pages. In fact I can't even register that but
that may be down to my mistake in the way I have my channels set up.

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