What about BootSplash?

Razvan Corneliu C.R. "d3vi1" VILT razvan.vilt at linux360.ro
Wed Nov 5 15:51:47 UTC 2003

On Wed, 2003-11-05 at 04:53, Arindam Dey wrote:
> On Wed, 2003-11-05 at 02:39, Kreg Steppe wrote:
> > Fedora has a Graphical boot already.
> > Nice too...
> > 
> > Kreg
> > 
> > Antti A wrote:
> > 
> Nope Fedora does not have a graphical boot. What I mean by this is , the
> graphical part starts only after init starts. It is not a "complete"
> graphical boot up.
> What this guy is suggesting, bootsplash graphical boot starts from the
> Kernel message stage. This is made by the SuSE developer itself. It is
> also quite cool. It even lets you set background on your virtual
> consoles any jpeg image you want and that too a different one on each
> console.
> So anybody from the Fedora project care to comment as to why something
> like this cannot be included ?
Fedora doesn't need this boot-splash... it modifies the kernel too much,
it makes it inaccessible to other patches.

The only thing missing from the "eye-candy" graphical-boot is a kernel
logo... That can easily be solved by adding the Linux-logo patch
http://www.arnor.net/linuxlogo/. I'm recommending this patch because the
logo is easy to integrate AND especially because you can hide the
pointer while booting through a default kernel parameter, and, because
it is still useful, you can re-enable it by adding only one line in
rc.sysinit. This way it would be a nice way to have a boot-logo. The
advantages of RHGB over boot-splash, should be evident, if not I'll
mention the fact that being a native GTK2 application it can look
consistent with the rest of the Linux GUI + usually X11 is faster that
plain-old frame-buffer, especially on old computers.

One thing that RHGB is missing is support for a
shut-down/restart/run-level change comeback.

Another one is the lack of a GRUB VBE patch for VBE logo... The existing
one is not really good quality like the VGA splash patch. If they could
try to improve-it a little... it would be great. I thing it can still be
found in the debian-request list... If not I can mail-it to anyone with
enough patience and know-ledge to bring-it to release-quality code.

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