hoax or bad taste joke by Redhat's CEO?

LoBue, Mark mark.lobue at cshs.org
Wed Nov 5 18:03:05 UTC 2003

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> I think we have the same point, but have different expectations of the
> "average" user.  Computer shops here in the States charges 
> $20 to install
> memory, $50 to install a hard drive and the "average" 
> computer user, in my
> experience, chooses to actually pay that!  If you can't do it 
> yourself, pay
> someone who can.  Average users are "internet", "word processor", and
> "checkbook" appliance users.  Linux is more than ready for them.  

I would like to disagree that linux is ready for 2 of these 3 examples, and
I look forward to being educated where I am wrong.

"internet".  The PC my kids use would be Linux except for 2 things,
zoogdisney.com and cartoonnetwork.com.  Both of these require some sort of
Macromedia product that I just can't get working in any browser I've tried
(I'm using RH 9, by the way).

"checkbook".  Is there any software that will directly connect to my bank's
website and download transactions the way Quicken does?  How about the
American Express and Discover sites?  Quicken does that.


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