Matthew Szulik is Stupid

stg Ideeel Internet (joris) joris at
Wed Nov 5 21:55:18 UTC 2003

> > > I purpose that this list should become moderated,
> > > because it's not serving it's purpose anymore.
> >
> > Amen. I this list does not increase the ratio of Fedora
> > information and help to Redhat is stupid, this
> > distribution is better than Redhat, etc, etc, I'm out of
> > here. Over the past week this list has come to resemble
> > /.  comments.
>I too find some of the posts on this list to have over
>stepped the mark, this list is not for flaming Red Hat.
>I'm not sure about the moderation of this list, but I
>think that it might make sense to draw up some guidelines
>for what is acceptable on it. Open list are a very
>important part of open development.

I couldn't agree more. This is by far the most 'polluted' mailing list I've 
ever been on
Moderation, unfortunately , seems to be essential for this list to be of 
any use at all.

Does this listserver aloow moderations?


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