Yarrow Release Notes - sendmail mc->cf

bishop bishop at platypus.bc.ca
Wed Nov 5 22:35:40 UTC 2003



In the release notes, we read:

> #
> By default, the Sendmail mail transport agent (MTA) does not accept network connections from any host other than the local computer. If you want to configure Sendmail as a server for other clients, you must edit /etc/mail/sendmail.mc and change the DAEMON_OPTIONS line to also listen on network devices (or comment out this option entirely using the dnl comment delimiter). You must then regenerate /etc/mail/sendmail.cf by running the following command (as root):
> make -C /etc/mail
> Note that you must have the sendmail-cf package installed for this to work.

I'm used to sendmail doing it for me on a 'service sendmail reload', and 
I liked that it did the 'make' as required.  Is this no longer expected 
to work as it did for RHL9 (and possibly others)?

It's a small question, yes, but it matters to the same kind of people 
who actually /read/ the release notes 8-)

  - bish

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