new yum and apt conf ????

Peter Boy pboy at
Thu Nov 6 08:14:35 UTC 2003

Am Do, den 06.11.2003 schrieb Jef Spaleta um 00:41:
> [snip] wary of a large number of new beta testers, who have had close
> association with rawhide, getting burned in a month or so when rawhide
> diverges from the fedora updates...because of this very issue.
> I humbly suggest that a lot of the new-comers do not have a full
> appreciation of what rawhide is, and are going to learn the hard way
> when new tech starts showing up for consumption and they are expecting
> to get fedora core 1 updates.

Hm, if I inspect my /etc dir, the up2date configuration does not point
to rawhide (but fedora-update-released). Rawhide had been used during
the beta as an intermediate solution. So a new fedor user should not
suffer from those quirks with rawhide.

> I was really hoping for a strong statement in the release annoucements
> that upgrading from a test release is not exactly the most advisable
> thing to do.

RedHatter did always said that on the lists. Someone who participates at
the beta should know about that issue. So I think it is not that big


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