Help!Partition Table Unexpected ?

Alexander Dalloz alexander.dalloz at
Thu Nov 6 12:09:50 UTC 2003

Am Fr, den 07.11.2003 schrieb wuler_lv um 01:40:
> When installing Fedora Core 1,
> After I chose "Manually partition with Disk Druid",
> A warning windows show :
> "The partition table on device /dev/hda is of 
> an unexpeted type loop for your architecture.
> To use this disk for installation of Fedora Core, 
> it must be re-initialed causing the loss of ALL
> DATA on this drive. 
> Would you like to initialize this drive?"
> But I have successfully installed Windows, 
> Suse and Mandrake in my hard drive ,
> they are all running well . 
> What should I do now ?
> Thanks.

You didn't post any data, so we have no chance to inspect what might be
the reason for this message. Please post the output of

sfdisk --dump /dev/hda

or of

fdisk -l /dev/hda


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