what cd download ? Jargon busting.

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ISO = International Standards Organization??

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Edward Croft wrote:

>On Thu, 2003-11-06 at 09:29, David.Pawson at rnib.org.uk wrote:
>>Is there a Redhat / Fedora /Linux jargon busting page please?
>>The tla's that are flowing on this list I guess warrant one.
>>It might help make a tiny step towards putting Linux closer
>>to Windoze for the man on the Clapham omnibus.
>> I just get the feeling that the Linux community take a great
>>delight in picking abtruse names for things. Great for the in-crowd,
>>but far less so for anyone approaching Linux, and may just be enough
>>to put them off for years.
>>If needed I'll collate and mark up... if you'll help me translate :-)
>>?? docbook is fashionable isn't it??
>>regards DaveP
>Dave, the names usually refer to the project. Windows does the same
>thing, except you don't hear it as much because Windows is closed. I
>believe the project name for the next version of Windows is Longhorn.
>Personally, I liked Guinness for the name. Don't know what a Severn is.
>Maybe instead of Yarrow, it could have been called Pilsner Urquel? Who
>knows who comes up with these names. When I first started here,
>everything was named after Greek/Roman Gods. At least now we are getting
>to more descriptive names as we roll out new systems. 

Being an aging newbie that has struggled through CP/M, DOS 1-infinity, 
Polyforth, way too many assembly codes, Fortran, Cobal, C  and now Linux 
I find that it all blurs.  I would be in full support of your project.   
I've been trying to figure out what ISO actually stands for - knowing 
that it is an Image that's burnable - but whats the O?

My vote - go for it.


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