Meaning of "Yarrow"

Brad Smith brads at
Thu Nov 6 19:07:08 UTC 2003

> The most promising tie-in I've found so far is a pair of chracters from the
> sci-fi comic Transmetropolitan ( Charron
> Yarrow and Vita Severn. This seems like a pretty good connection, although
> not knowing much about the comic, I'm not sure how related the characters
> are (if at all).

Wow, I'm a big fan of both Hyperion and Transmet and it had never
occured to me that Severn could have been a reference to Vita Severn!

And what if the double-meaning was intentional? That means that the
codenames morphed from Hyperion to Transmet (without actually changing
the codename) on the same release where the distro morphed from Red Hat
to Fedora. Somebody tell me if this was intentional and who to award the
geekpoints to if it is. =:)

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