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Thu Nov 6 20:53:13 UTC 2003

On Nov  6, 2003, "Rodolfo J. Paiz" <rpaiz at> wrote:

> Red Hat tradition is to always have _some_ relationship between one
> name and the next. So your theory is quite possibly the reason why one
> is Shrike and the next Yarrow.

Except that there was Severn in between.  Names of public Red Hat
Linux betas have also counted, and there's no reason why it should be
different for Fedora Core test releases.

> You can now suppose that Fedora Core 2 will have a name related to
> Yarrow but not necessarily to Shrike.

This would be for test releases for Fedora Core 2.  By the rules
Fedora Core 2 will *not* be related with Fedora Core 1.  See for the details.

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