Marc Williams marcw at
Thu Nov 6 23:21:49 UTC 2003

On Thu, 2003-11-06 at 17:10, HCLG wrote:
> The download rate is less than 10K/s.  How does get this to increase?

I noticed that my FC1 download started quite slowly too.  It did pick up
some after 15-30 minutes.  But it really took off after I opened up one
more port in my firewall as the docs suggest.  (Actually, they suggest
opening a bunch of them).  I kept opening consecutive ports one at a
time every 15 minutes or so for about 2 hours.  Unfortunately, I never
saw an increase after opening just two total ports - 6881 and 6882 iirc.

The whole download took just under 4 hours on my Comcast cable.

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