up2date --register

Louis Garcia louisg00 at bellsouth.net
Fri Nov 7 04:45:59 UTC 2003

That still does not solve the rhn-applet problem. If their is no need to
register their should be no reason to mention it.


> Just try running up2date --configure.  Up2date does not use rhn in
> Fedora, it automatically uses yum repositories and sets up two channels
> called "fedora-core-1" and "updates-released."
> If you have difficulty, I suggest you uninstall your current up2date and
> up2date-gnome and install the latest version which is 4-1.16-1 and then
> run up2date --configure.  Should work after that.  There are not yet any
> updates for a Fedora Core 1 system.
> Gerry

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