Specific Fedora kernel

Michael Lee Yohe michael.yohe at us.army.mil
Fri Nov 7 15:52:29 UTC 2003

> What is the essential difference between the generic kernels and the
> Fedora kernels? Why is there a difference?

The easiest way to "see" what the difference is - download the
kernel-<blah>.src.rpm.  Check out 1) all the patches applied by Red Hat
2) the ChangeLog which, hopefully, gives a good explanation of what was
being done from the generic LT kernel.

In short - performance updates, device drivers, kernel enhancements,
etc.  Red Hat has been extraordinarily nice in their own development of
the kernel more often than not sending the patches in to get
incorporated into the generic LT kernel.

Michael Lee Yohe <michael.yohe at us.army.mil>
U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command Software Engineering Directorate

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