Fedora 1 / Apache 2 & Tomcat 4.1.29

Chris Purcell redhat at cjp.us
Fri Nov 7 17:39:06 UTC 2003

Matthew Shelley said:
> Has anyone managed to get a working mod_jk2.so Tomcat Connector built on
> Fedora yet? Apache 2 (default in Fedora) --> Tomcat 4.1.29.
> Newbie to Linux and obviously I must learn, but I've been used to RPM's
> and thought I'd try my luck here first.
> Thanks,
> M at twozero.com

I wrote an FAQ on getting the following to work together: Linux (SuSE or
Red Hat), Citrix NFuse, Apache, Tomcat, OpenSSL, and Sun Java.

You can just look at the Apache and Tomcat sections.  The directions are
from installing everything from source, however.  I didn't use any RPMs,
although it can be done.

I haven't tried this on Fedora, but I'm sure it would work because it
works fine on RH90, RHAS21, and SuSE82.


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