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Sean Middleditch elanthis at
Fri Nov 7 18:07:05 UTC 2003

On Fri, 2003-11-07 at 13:04, Marc Williams wrote:
> Here's a couple things that I don't like about the new Fedora desktop. 
> My Kudos list will come later.  Yes, these are mere quibbles and
> annoyances.  I'm sure some will be addressed in a future release.

These aren't problems with Fedora, they're problems with the upstream
desktop.  File bugs in the GNOME bug tracker, that's the only way these
are going to get fixed.  Complaining to the distributor doesn't do
much.  ;-)

> 1) The new Inbox Monitor panel applet is less responsive than the one
> that came with RH9.  This one takes several seconds to check mail
> instead of immediately.  Also, it would be nice if a single-click did
> something (anything) like the one in RH9.  My preference would be that a
> single-click would check for mail.
> 2) The drawer panel applet doesn't close after clicking an item in one
> of the drawers.  It closed automatically in RH9.
> 3) When having multiple windows open on the desktop and trying to move
> from one to another, clicking on the title bar of a window underneath
> should just give it focus.  However, what it seems to do is grab that
> window (as in moving it) and won't let go until I click it again.  I
> don't like that behavior at all and it seems different than all previous
> versions of RH I've run.  If this is configurable, how do I turn it off
> so that it behaves the way it used to?
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