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Fri Nov 7 19:00:20 UTC 2003

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David C. Hart wrote:

| But that might overwrite things that I don't want upgraded.
~ > I don't recall that at all. Moreover, then the description of the
| "Custom" option is inaccurate. I also suspect that this will create
| problems for people who have Gnome installed. Given the presumed
| constituency of Fedora users, I cannot understand why there is no way to
| exact full control over the installation. What was the downside of
| maintaining the "individual package" option?

You must not have been paying attention to the fedora-test-list.

The thinking goes (and someone from RH correct me if I'm wrong) is that
anaconda is the wrong place to be doing package selection.  Eventually,
FC should just get enough of a system up and running for the users to be
able to select/install packages from a nice, X-enabled FirstBoot situation.
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